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Following a procedure in which the lip or cheek are numb, be careful not to eat foods that involve chewing until the numbness goes away. Smoothies, milk shakes and yogurt are just a small example of “safe” foods that can be had while numb. You can resume a normal diet once the numbness is gone which should be within 2 to 3 hours after the appointment.

A new filling makes a change, however small, in the way teeth fit together. The tongue and cheeks will notice a change and adapt to the new addition, too.

Thermal sensitivity is not uncommon if the decay or preparation was deep, close to the nerve. If the tooth is responding and healing, sensitivity only lasts for a short time after the cold is introduced. Gradually over time the thermal sensitivity decreases, as the tooth develops a healed, protective layer.

If a filling or other restoration feels “high” and does not allow the other teeth to close together, if may adjust itself in a day or two. If it continues to touch prematurely, it might need an adjustment at the office. Please call if your child needs to be examined.

Discomfort may be experienced due to muscle tightness or tenderness following operative procedures. Common remedies would be Tylenol, Motrin or other over-the-counter medications. If the pain persists overnight and the doctor has not advised you to expect discomfort, please call the office for instructions.